Hoe Hong was founded in 2007 as a locally emerging company. To provide health advice and health care products, so that everyone will understanding of their own health, choose the right health care products, to achieve the best results. Founder and president of the company Luo Yuping physician, before the establishment of the company has been hanging pot for many years, contact a lot of patients, he has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, coupled with decades of natural herbs research, combined with the unique views on health care, Advocate “smart health, everyone health” concept, continue to carry forward. Our products are dominated by natural herbs, make good use of the natural resources of tropical rainforest, Uygur and other Ubi Jaga and etc. We also use high quality Canadian blossom, which combines the wisdom of our ancestors, Professional knowledge and experience, with advanced high-tech extraction, research and development of the most suitable for the needs of modern products. The company pursues the excellent results of the products, the correct proportion of nutritional needs, to ensure a complete absorption of nutrition, in order to achieve the best results. Pay more attention to quality and safety and health, after a serious professional checks, the product was allowed to market. And has the Malaysian Health Authority certification.

Hoe Hong 公司成立于2007年,是一家本地新崛起的公司。提供健康咨询与养生之道,让大家在了解了自己的健康状况后,选择正确的保养或保健产品,达到最好的效果。 公司创办人兼总裁罗玉平医师,于公司成立前已悬壶济世多年,接触过不少的病患,累积了丰富的临床经验,加上对天然草药数十年来的钻研,结合对保健的独特见解,提倡 “ 精明保健,人人健康”的理念,续而发扬光大。 我们的产品以天然草本为主,善用热带雨林的天然资源,亚洲深山野生虎奶灵芝,铁块令( Ubi Jaga)等, 亦采用高品质的加拿大泡参,融汇了老祖宗的智慧,专业的知识与经验,配合先进的高科技萃取,研发了最适合现代人所需要的产品。 本公司追求产品卓越成效,营养需求正确比例,确保营养完整吸收,以期达到最佳效果。 更注重品质安全与卫生,经重重的专业把关,产品才获准面市。并拥有马来西亚卫生局认证。